Radiant skin, small waist, big breast, long hair and plump hips have always considered being a real beauty. Most representatives of the fair sex are not satisfied with their appearance. Having a strong desire to get sensuous charm and self-confidence, they bend to be bent on breast augmentation. Modern plastic surgery is able to turn “a mouse of a woman” to a lush dame. The reason is quite simple: every woman wishes to be beautiful and nubile.

Delivery of a child and breastfeeding are very important for most people. Unfortunately, most women face lots of changes in the figure that don’t often look good to the eye. Three main unpleasant changes are saggy breast, overweight and linear atrophy. But while women prevail overweight with dieting and sports exercising, breast spraining is extremely difficult to cope with. Moreover, there is a special medical term mastocytosis for this problem.

It’s not a secret that most women want to have nice big busts. When their financial possibilities answer to their desire, they decide to do breast enlargement surgery and visit a specialist to consult before the operation. Plastic surgeons have to answer all their questions to calm down and to discuss all pros and cons of the breast enlargement. Sometimes women ask rather ridiculous questions immediately proving the fact that most myths about breast enhancement surgery still exist.

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