Radiant skin, small waist, big breast, long hair and plump hips have always considered being a real beauty. Most representatives of the fair sex are not satisfied with their appearance. Having a strong desire to get sensuous charm and self-confidence, they bend to be bent on breast augmentation. Modern plastic surgery is able to turn “a mouse of a woman” to a lush dame. The reason is quite simple: every woman wishes to be beautiful and nubile.

Psychological Causes of Choosing a Mammoplasty

Different women have different roots for breast augmentation and usually, they are the following:

  •    A big breast is a recipe for happy love life;
  •    A big breast is a must have for every beautiful woman;
  •    Mammoplasty is a way of anti-aging;
  •    Mammoplasty is a part of rehabilitation after mastectomy.

First Emotions after Breast Enhancement

It often happens that after mammoplasty lots of ladies fall intoBreast Augmentation is a Warrant of Profound Changes of Woman’s Life euphoria, they believe that all their problems will go away by themselves. Soon they are faced with some difficulties. Ideally, they should enjoy their new breast and shouldn’t exaggerate fears and focus on trifles. But in reality they:

  •    think of breast augmentation cost and regret about the money they paid;
  •    protect their new breast from all sorts of risks and injuries having a strong believe that breast implants are very delicate and easy to be harmed;
  •    even a small bruise, swelling and postoperative complications may lead the lady into shock and horror.

Some extra Difficulties after the Operation

1. A wish to have more. In the case, if the mammoplasty was successful, some ladies want to change something else: their nose shape, chin shape, etc. They may even go under the knife to make their breast much bigger whereas breast implants cost will be much higher. It’s difficult, but it’s important to say “enough” in time.

2. Lack of partner’s support. Some men can’t stand artificial breasts; that’s why it’s better to discuss the wish to enhance the breast in advance.

3. Mismatch of the results with expectations.

How does the Life Change?

In most cases the operation is successful and the woman’s dream comes true. Now ladies believe that they became very attractive and nubile; and it’s high time to be happy. They stop having complexes about their shortcomings and women’s life changes for the better. Unfortunately, the self-esteem of some patients runs to extremes:

  •    Even greater shyness, stiffness and low self-concept;
  •    Inordinate pride in the new breast and the desire to show it to everyone around.

The both extremes may influence women’s life negatively but can be easily treated with consultation by the psychologist.

Broken Hopes – such Things Happen

Of course, breast enhancement surgery is not the warrant of happiness. Usually, broken hopes may be connected with the following cases:

  •    The operation was not successful that causes woman’s depression state.
  •    Some lonely ladies, even after breast augmentation, do not achieve family well-being. Why? Perhaps the reason lies in the woman herself. And appearance is not the only thing that attracts men.

Mammoplasty is a responsible step, which the women must decide on her own. They shouldn’t listen to other people's advice and try to meet other people's desires. After all, she will pay for breast implants and live with them afterward.

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