Delivery of a child and breastfeeding are very important for most people. Unfortunately, most women face lots of changes in the figure that don’t often look good to the eye. Three main unpleasant changes are saggy breast, overweight and linear atrophy. But while women prevail overweight with dieting and sports exercising, breast spraining is extremely difficult to cope with. Moreover, there is a special medical term mastocytosis for this problem.

The Reasons of the Problem

Lots of Internet sites try to assure women that their breast status is the result of their lifestyle and nothing more. In reality, doctor’s name much more reasons of the outstretched and nonelastic breast after nursing:

  •  Heredity;
  •  Breast size. A full-breasted woman has much more chances to get big saggy breasts after longtime lactation;
  •  Hormone fluctuations;
  •  Incorrect nursing;
  •  Sharp weight changes after pregnancy;
  •  Smoking;
  •  Aging;
  •  Sports exercises, especially jogging;
  •  Physical inactivity;
  •  Bad posture;
  •  Bodice. Too narrow, uncomfortable bodices with thin shoulder straps or freedom from wearing them at all are the ways to get irregular breast.

Some Tips for Nursing to Keep your Breast Shape

Saggy breast after baby – Difficult, Long-time but Possible to get through!

Unfortunately, women can do nothing with their heredity, hormones and changes of weight during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But if most new mothers keep rules of correct nursing, they would have less problems with breast sagging. Breast-feeding specialists and gynecologists recommend the following:

1. The bra should be true to size with wide shoulder straps to lock and hold the breast the best. During the whole period of nursing, it’s necessary to wear the bra day-and-night. But night bodice should be a bit freer.

2. You should give up on pumping out your breast milk with your hands. It’s better to choose special breast glasses for the purpose.

3. Don’t bring into a state of galactostasis. It may lead to unpleasant changes of breast shape and some rather complicated diseases, such as mastitis, suppurative mastitis and abscess.

4. The best nursing regime is every three hours changing giving one breast in one feeding. And it’s better to give a child suck to the very last drop.

5. The best pose for breast-feeding is a lateral position that prevents the breast from sinking down.

Is it Possible to Get Rid of Saggy Breast after Nursing?

Unfortunately, women should mind that natural breast lift is almost impossible. Some cosmetic products and cosmetological treatments result in small effects. More than that, they’re effective only on the primary stage of mastoptosis. The only effective method of breast lift is an operation called mastopexy. It’s quite expensive, painful and radical, but it guarantees the preservation of a beautiful bust for 5-10 years and even more. During the operation, the doctor excludes stretched skin of the breast and, if necessary, moves the nipple and areola upward. Then the surgeon fixes the lacteal gland to the chest muscles and closes a cut. But breast lift surgery has some contraindications that make it impossible for some women:

  •  Pregnancy or its planning;
  •  Breastfeeding less than a year ago;
  •  Mastopathy;
  •  Breast lumps;
  •  Endocrine and autoimmune diseases;
  •  Obesity;
  •  Psychological disorders;
  •  Cancerous growth;
  •  Acquired and congenital immunodeficiency disorder;
  •  Acute infectious disease, including STD.
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