It’s not a secret that most women want to have nice big busts. When their financial possibilities answer to their desire, they decide to do breast enlargement surgery and visit a specialist to consult before the operation. Plastic surgeons have to answer all their questions to calm down and to discuss all pros and cons of the breast enlargement. Sometimes women ask rather ridiculous questions immediately proving the fact that most myths about breast enhancement surgery still exist.

Myth 1: Breast Implants can Blow out or Burst during the Flight

Silicone implants contain special viscous gel that doesn’t change its physical characteristics at the change of atmospheric pressure. Traveling by plane, atmospheric pressure is reduced to about 630 mm of mercury before take-off. Before landing, the pressure is completely leveled with the surrounding atmosphere. So, there is no any abnormal pressure to harm implants.

Myth 2: Breast Implants don’t allow Breast-feeding

The mammary gland isn’t severed during the operation; breast implants are fixed behind the greater pectoralis muscle. The cut passes along the edge of the gland and doesn’t affect lactation in any way. Breastfeeding is possible after prosthetics and absolutely safe for mother and her child as well.

Myth 3: The breast will lose Sensitivity after Enhancement

It’s another common myth among women. A temporary reduction in sensitivitySome Myths of Breast Enlargement Surgery – a Surgeon Dispels all of them. of the nipple, areola or breast skin is possible within the first month after the boobs enhancement and is connected with postoperative edema. In a month or a little bit more the swelling of the tissues disappear and the sensitivity is completely restored. Thus, endoprosthetic of the mammary glands does not cause a decrease in the sensitivity of the breast.

Myth 4: Breast Implants should be Regularly Changed!

Most women are sure that they will have to change implants every 10 years. At the present time, manufactures of bust implants give a lifetime guarantee for their products. The only reason to change your implants is your desire to increase breast once more. Replacement of implants is a more complicated operation, in contrast to primary endoprosthetics. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right plastic surgeon and the size of the desired breast.

Myth 5: “Silicone” Breast looks Unnatural

The first question you should ask yourself when you’re bent on breast enlargement surgery is “What kind of breast do I want: naturally looking or very big?” If you choose the first option, then you get a beautiful, neat and with the highly natural look. But in the horizontal position the breast without implants is displaced laterally, and with implants - no. We must not forget that much depends on our own tissues. For example, if your own cover tissues are sufficient, then the implant is difficult to determine even by touch. But if a girl is very slender and her own breast tissue is very small, then the implant will indeed be probed.

Myth 6: Breast with Implants Sags Faster

After endoprosthetics, the lacteal gland behaves just like an ordinary breast. It must be remembered that breasts larger than the Cup B need extra support from below. Gravity acts on our tissues constantly, and the breast is no exception! In order to avoid breast sagging, it is necessary to avoid sharp weight loss or weight gain and to wear the sports bra.

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